Tuesday, May 12, 2009

h.e.l.p jobseekers

HEXAGON, an engineering-based organisation is looking for dynamic individuals eager to join the group in its global expansion at Star-Jobs h.e.l.p. sessions this week.

The search is on at Studio V, Rainforest section of 1 Utama Shopping Centre this Tuesday and Thursday, from noon to 7pm. Please bring a copy of your latest resume, as well as a copy of your recent photograph (passport or driving license size). For more information, visit star-jobs.com/help.

*got this through email, probably useful for 1 of u.


LithiumMind said...

Thanks for the info

zeff said...

r u workg w/ hexagon? pls rply asap. me need 2 knw few thgs b4 for d interview tmrow. tq

AiYa said...

im sorry Zeff, im not working there.

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